Commit 6c6768f7 authored by Julien Gomes Dias's avatar Julien Gomes Dias
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Merge branch 'uptime-kuma' into 'master'

[add] Add cron to stop uptime during the night

See merge request !13
parents 7c1c55dc 9436bc59
......@@ -38,3 +38,21 @@
name: _app_monit
when: monit_request is defined and monit_request != ''
- name: cron to stop uptime-kuma during the night
name: "stop uptime"
hour: "{{ uptime_stop_hour }}"
minute: "{{ uptime_stop_minute }}"
job: "/usr/bin/docker stop uptime-kuma"
- cron_uptime
- name: "cron to start uptime-kuma during the night"
name: "start start"
hour: "{{ uptime_start_hour | mandatory }}"
minute: "{{ uptime_start_minute | mandatory }}"
job: "/usr/bin/docker start uptime-kuma"
- cron_uptime
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